Fran Friesen

Finding Laurie at Impact Physiotherapy has not only helped my back problems, but improved my awareness of other issues with my body.
A couple of months ago I hurt my back lifting up my 2 year old grandson. I have had a sore back before, but the next day I knew this was more than just a sore muscle. Sitting, standing lying down and walking was painful. I found out about Laurie at Impact Physiotherapy from a co-worker. I called and luckily got an appointment in just a couple of days. I am physically active and plus we had been building our cottage for the past year and could not afford to do nothing for a long period of time.
The first part of each session was talking while Laurie worked on my back. The remainder of the time was going through a routine of exercises that she had set up for me. She would demonstrate if necessary and watch me do them to ensure I was doing them correctly. This is where I became aware of some of the compensating movements I had acquired over the years that were not benefiting my overall physical condition.
I’m so glad I took the time to go through the routines at the gym where Laurie’s clinic is located. I didn’t have to go elsewhere to do this and she was right there if I had any questions. Laurie would also email me with the list of exercises that same day.
I was back to my regular work-outs in about 3 weeks and would modify some of the exercises in the class with ones that Laurie had given me. When I hurt my back I was worried that I would not be able to go back to the gym for quite some time for fear of injuring my back again.
Thanks Laurie! I’ll be back if ever I have another injury, but you have helped me become more aware of how to properly move with my body and keep it moving.