New Techniques Offered At Impact Physiotherapy

With the addition of more continuing education courses, there are a number of new techniques and treatments available to you at Impact Physiotherapy.

More Courses, More Treatment Options....

I've been very busy in the past year taking a number of continuing education courses to further my knowledge in a number of areas of practice. To name a few:
-Graston Technique
-Integrated Dry Needling
-Concussion: What About the Neck? (C. Kennedy)
-Managing the Injured Runner (Pan Am)
-Foot and Ankle Rehab Symposium (Pan Am)
-Wrist and Hand Rehab Symposium (Pan Am)
-Approach to Cervical Dysfunction & Headaches
-Technical Seminar (Paris Orthotics)
-Foot Biomechanics Seminar (Paris Orthotics)
-Cancer Rehab

Upcoming in the next months:
-Dr. Phil Snell
-Treatment-Based Classification of Low Back Pain
-Dr. Andry Vleeming